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How Does Audience Response Technology Improve Training Programs?

Corporate trainers and other learning specialists face significant challenges in implementing effective employee training programs that create measurable skills and knowledge retention.

Learners can easily respond to questions placed throughout your presentation with PowerPoint-based OptionPower software and wireless handheld keypads. This process gives teachers and trainers the ability to gauge their learners' comprehension and know instantly if the class has retained the information. The group's responses appear on-screen after each question is polled, creating an opportunity for discussion, reflection and learning.

Our training solutions combine leading-edge technology with conventional lecture formats and proven teaching principles. OptionPower will help you:

Boost Retention - Learners will have better focus and awareness, resulting in greater memory recall.

Increase Attentiveness - Interactive presentations will hold participant interest by providing real-time data for discussion and analysis.

Expand Participation - Participants will overcome the 'shyness factor' or fear of rejection by using keypads to voice their opinions.

Reduce Training Time and Learning Curve - OptionPower will increase program efficiency by using instant assessments to determine each individual's readiness for additional instruction or workplace implementation.

Our system is proven to convert passive audiences into active learners while greatly increasing their comprehension and test scores. Interactive training programs create a learning experience that is more engaging, thought-provoking, and productive.

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