Audience Response

Audience response systems, sometimes referred to by their acronym ARS, or voting keypads allow participants at a meeting or other event to respond to questions, vote on candidates and prioritize lists of goals or action items. All attendees are able to participate and even the "quiet" people have a voice.
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How Audience Response Systems Work?

  • The presenter creates a normal PowerPoint presentation.
  • They add interactive slides such as multiple choice questions and lists for ranking.
  • Wireless keypads are distributed to all audience members.
  • The audience responds to the interactive slides when they appear.
  • Results are immediately shown and the data is stored for future analysis.


Interactive meetings are shown toimprove attendee attentiveness up to 88% and increase retention as much as 27%. Audience response systems are also perfect for meetings where assessment, decision-making or voting must be conducted quickly.

Telemetech Technologies is a well-established and extensively used brand of interactive audience response solutions. We create an instant exchange of thoughts and ideas that would otherwise be impossible. Our interactive audience polling solutions are used worldwide in a large variety of meetings and events.

Here are some areas where audience response solutions have proven especially effective: 

  1. Corporate Training and Classroom Learning
  2. Continuing Professional Education
  3. Decision Support
  4. Town Hall Meetings
  5. Market Research
  6. Internal Audit, Self Assessment and Risk Management
  7. Employee Perception Surveys

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