Equipment Sales

Telemetech is able to present an official PowerPoint add-in, fully compatible in every way with PowerPoint, Excel, and other Microsoft Office products. Just insert your own audience polling questions into PowerPoint, and you can hold quizzes, interactive votes, ask for text messages and open ended feedback, automatically save results for lead tracking. Standalone specialized software also abailable.

Affordable audience polling keypads

Ranging from basic to the most sophisticated in the world, Telemetech is perfect for any budget and any of level of audience response user! Plus, with the same RF audience polling technology employed by television quiz shows and government institutions, you can create intuitive interactive presentations and engage audiences dozens to thousands of people at once! 


Audience Response Systems

  • With Powerful Features and Multiple Office Flexibility
  • Official PowerPoint Add-In, Excel, and OFFICE compatible- Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Audience Response Software Industry Leader
  • Most reliable Interactive Keypads
  • Personalized System Packages for Any Needs
  • 24/7 Free Customer Support
  • 1 Year Warranty on All Interactive System Packages
  • Best Audience Response System Value Anywhere!

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