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Simply the best Audience Response Solution Available
Audience Response Systems (ARS) are the most efficient, powerful and versatile feedback, learning and entertainment solutions available today. Audience Response allows both meeting facilitator and audience to immediately “see” combined participants’ responses in a variety of formats with our advanced audience response software. Our interactive audience response solutions are powerful communications tools that capture significant data and opinions. 

Our audience response equipment delivers real-time answers to important real-time questions. We strive to provide you with the best tools available today to increase audience participation and improve comprehension. Yet, we deliver more than just equipment – our years of audience response experience and industry knowledge are what set us apart. We can help you structure the most effective question structure to help obtain the data you need.

There are so many innovative ways to use audience response technology. Whether you’ve gathered your audience to learn a new subject, approve or disapprove of policies or approach, vote on a course of action or enliven employee and staff meetings through reward-based team competition, audience response solutions from Qleads are the right solution for your interactive meeting needs.


  • Multiple flexible options available for event organizers
  • Rent, purchase or full service (some of the most competitive prices available)
  • Easy to use solutions (if it’s too complicated it is NOT a good exhibitor tool)
  • Expert help on incorporating the most effective question format types is included
  • Sponsorship opportunities available
  • After event reports in PDF, PPT, CSV or Excel formats
  • One of the most important training tools available
  • Real-Time feedback
  • Can be used anonymously or assigned to team and/or individuals
  • No event is too small or too big
  • Onsite support (simply the best most friendly in the business)

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