Exhibitor Lead Retriaval

Show management can add lead retrieval services to their event at NO COST 
Telemetech solutions are extremely easy to use while offering the latest technology to your exhibitors / vendors. We can help show management add lead retrieval services to their conferences without incurring any costs what so ever. Unlike a lot of suppliers we will provide our services to smaller events (they do not have to be large industry events). Add the services to smaller events that the bigger shows offer their exhibitors. Larger events can add a better level of technology while offering their exhibitors lower prices.

Over 43% of trade show leads fail because sales follow-up is too late!
Companies invest an exorbitant amount of money, time, and resources in trade shows. Business leaders hold sales and marketing departments accountable and responsible for generating a return on the investment made in trade shows. With marketing dollars being finite and marketing investment being heavily scrutinized, it is more important now than ever to drive revenue results out of the trade show. Simply coming back to the office with a handful of business cards is simply no longer good enough for an exhibitor. Exhibitors need to be coming back to the office with leads that are qualified to their requirements i.e. products, staff, categories and follow-up actions. Adding Telemetech lead retrieval services to your event provides an invaluable sales, and marketing tool for your exhibitors to take advantage of.


Our lead retrieval service and solutions:
Multiple flexible options available for both exhibitors and show management
- Easy to use Standard or Custom lead qualifers

- Easy to use badge scanner solutions (if it’s too complicated it is NOT a good exhibitor tool)
- Real time monitoring options available for show management (see how your exhibitors are doing LIVE)
- Very long battery life (no charging for several days)
- RFID, barcode, magnetic stripe and iOS / Android options
- We can help show management add lead retrieval services to their event at absolutely no cost to them
- No event is too small or too big
- Friendly onsite exhibitor support (NOT just a “PLEASE CALL phone No.” Note at a desk?)

- We walk around during the show to see how exhibitors are doing (No surprises by frustrated exhibitors)
- Why make your exhibitors pay more for inferior technology and service?


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